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Be Local. Be Eco-Friendly. Check out our guide to Responsible Tourism.

Be Local Tours is a walking tour company that really cares about the environment. For this reason, we made this quick and simple guide for our clients and for everybody who wants to visit the wonderful city of Barcelona enjoying its nature and respecting the urban environment as well.



  • Barcelona has 1800 fountains with safe, drinkable water, why not use them?
  • Use just one bottle of water on your trip and use the fountains to refill them.
  • Have a shower that does not exceed 6 minutes.


  • Barcelona offers so many beautiful parks, green areas, and also beaches, of course. Go visit them, sit down and spend some time relaxing with your friends and family! Reconnect with nature every time you can.


  • Don’t throw away cigarettes but use the public ashtrays.
  • Recycle your rubbish by using the public bins.
  • Do not throw rubbish on the floor.


  • Turn off all electronic gadgets and lights before leaving your accommodation. For computers and laptops don’t leave on standby option, which consumes energy as well. Just turn it off!
  • Always unplug any charger from the wall socket. They drain power even if there is no device connected.


  • Eat at restaurants. Try to avoid buying take-away food as this will save on fuel, and less plastic packaging means less junk. Ask your guide about good restaurants in town. 
  • Buy food from the region, including fruit and vegetables and use your own bag. In addition to reducing transportation costs (fuel, going to the supermarket for example), you are helping the environmental growth of wherever you may be.