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11.00am! The Barcelona Free Gaudi Walking Tour. A journey through upmarket Barcelona! The life and works of Catalunya’s architectural genius Antoni Gaudi and his contemporaries.

Meeting at the ideal starting point: outside the Apple Store on Passaig de Gracia, take a trip back to the 19th century. 

The story of Gaudí and Modernisme!

A story that starts in the 19th century. A story of industrial change; a city’s expansion; new, revolutionary political philosophies; a new artistic movement; and the life of it’s greatest architectural giant – Antoni Gaudí.
Delve into Modernism’s themes and how they ´re shown on their buildings: the Casa Battló, Casa Milá, and other houses . How the social, cultural and political forces literally shaped the physical appearances of these stunning buildings. But, also see stories of flamboyant, on the make property developerstobacco planters on ego trips; a surgeon with a (possible) inferiority complex; families outdoing each other (no change there, then!); and dragons. Lots of dragons!

Hear of Gaudí: his personality,habits, ideas, methods, and…. what he had for lunch!
Then after a short 1 metro journey, we’ll arrive at his unfinished masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia, with an explanation of this unique, beguiling church!
So, on the Free Gaudi Walking Tour, as a professional actor I  will try and weave my story telling skills with my passion for history, the serious and the humourous,  connecting all these strands together and hopefully connecting you as well to this phenomenal time.

But don’t just take my word for it, (I’m bound to big myself up!) Check out the reviews below. Maybe they will help you decide. Thanks and hopefully see you on the tour. Patrick

PRICE OF THIS TOUR:  The Free Gaudi WalkingTour is a tip based tour. It starts for free, then you decide how much it’s worth. Booking online is free and highly recommended.

More info on time, duration and meeting point below.


Small Group Philosophy: Maximum 10 people per group.

More info? Call us or send a WhatsApp at +34 653 63 74 51.

 Everyday  at 11 am

DURATION: Around 2 hours


Outside Apple Store- Passaig de Gracia

Metro Station: Catalunya


The Middle Ages, Gothic Architecture, Traditions and Folklore, Narrow and Mysterious Alleyways, Old Secret Stones, Churros and Chocolate.