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Riccardo, Patrick and Carlos

Be Local Tours is a collaborative project of local guides offering special tours and experiences. Our journey started in 2017. We, a group of like minded guides in love with Barcelona got together to show the city´s beauty to visitors . And yet, we were concerned by the growth of mass tourism in Barcelona, and the rising number of big group tours causing distress to both the local community and travelers.

So, we decided on a different path. It was a path which took into account the delicate balance between visitor and inhabitant: being aware of the visitor´s right to travel and the inhabitant´s right to live in their community. And this thinking led us to: The Conscientious Traveler!

The traveler who respects the norms, the culture of the people and places they visit. The traveler who, in fact wishes to know more- to dig deeper into the places they visit. And to reflect this Be Local aims to be the conscientious guide! So we started Small Group Philosophy. On our part we emphasize private tours and experiences, with limited group numbers of a maximum 10 people. We only work with small, high-quality independent local artistic and cultural providers- and only those who share our desire for respectful tourism in the city.

So, our tours and experiences allow for a more personal, intimate relationship between visitor, guide and local provider- for more time to get to know each other, to acknowledge the cultural habits that make us different, but also to see and participate in the things that we have in common. To be respectful. To be more knowledgeable. To Be Local!

We look forward to sharing our values with you while also enjoying the cultural and historical beauty of the city.