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Here we are!

A quick report on our first 3 months around the city.

From standing in the Plaza Catalunya in the March rain to the searching heat of a Barcelona summer, Be Local Tours have come a long way in the first three months.

A rollercoaster ride of last minute changes and mad dashes around the city, we can safely say we have arrived! Along the way we have met so many great people from all around the world and have been fortunate to share with them the wonderful city of Barcelona (and some churros, as well!). And from the kind reviews we’ve had, it seems our love for the city has been passed on to them too.

We have started our Social Project and had the pleasure of getting to know the talented kids of the Raval district who are learning the ropes to become tour guides and ambassadors of their home town.

But summer’s not over yet, and with that we are launching two new tours in the next 2 weeks: Street Art and Graffiti Experience Tour, plus Gracia and Trencadís Workshop Tour! These not only combine the elements of the walking tours we provide and going to other areas of the city, but also giving you the opportunity to try your hand at being an artist. Don’t take my word for it! Checkout the website  to see all that we offer. Picasso ain’t got nothing on you!